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What we can do for you...

What Makes Us Stand Out

Strength of SKH

The strategic focus Strategic Know How brings to the design, implementation and analysis of client projects provides outcomes of the highest standard.

We have a commitment to getting to the core of issues as a means of uncovering research implications and strategic recommendations.

Supporting an Open Mind Towards Finding Solutions

The greatest barrier to obtaining meaningful results is where the consultant or client already holds a "solution-in-mind".

Strategic Know How takes an open-mind approach. We seek to understand by taking a holistic, investigative perspective to issues to ensure that systematic impacts are taken into account. Challenging the status quo and not easily accepting the obvious is part of our responsibility in achieving the best results.

Flexibility and Innovation

Strategic Know How is not locked into specific management strategies, research techniques or methodologies. We design and recommend primary and secondary approaches from a fresh starting point that best meet the needs of individual project objectives. Innovation without risking integrity is important to us.

Working From A Sound Knowledge Base

Strategic Know How has distinct skills, expertise and experience. We believe it is the professionalism, commitment and ability of our staff that makes us stand out.

We work in collaboration with both clients and colleagues to gain the best project outcomes.

Focus On Outcomes To Give You The Know How To Succeed

We focus on project outcomes that seek to provide the knowledge to address the business decisions you need to make.

This is achieved by working closely with our clients to ensure that:

While both of these factors appear to be fundamental practices, they are too often overlooked.

Hands On Involvement Of Senior Staff

Some consultants just sell project services. Others develop clever and novel research designs produce good proposals and high quality reports. Only a limited number of consultants have the business acumen and wider experience to develop actionable strategies. Strategic Know How can contribute a range of skills and experiences to your project that bring together good project management, actionable strategies and a strategic perspective for the future.

We commit hands-on involvement where appropriate on every project to bring business acumen and expertise to your project.

Our Resources Your Best Asset

Strategic Know How has expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research techniques covering virtually every branch of product and services marketing, as well as social and policy research, business planning and event project management.

We also oversee quality control for the best outcomes.